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Business Turnaround Experts

Welcome to Business Turnaround Experts, we are based in Kent and provide help to businesses mostly in Kent, Essex, Sussex, London and Surrey . We specialise in providing a business turnarounds for small and medium sized businesses in the UK. Over the last 9 years we have helped numerous businesses turnaround from potentially critical situations. In some instances because of the sudden impact from outside events like the loss of a major customer or predatory pricing from competitors. In other cases its been as a result of a long slow decline or more recently carrying too much indebtedness into the recession.

We at Business Turnaround Experts understand that if you are visiting this site as a potential client, you are doing so at a time of considerable stress. In response to this Business Turnaround Experts’ approach is to be sympathetic and non judgemental. We realise that often potential clients are nervous or even embarrassed to ask for help. Our response is don’t be, many a good business has failed because its owners or managers found it difficult to ask for help.  The quicker you ask for help the sooner we can start improving your business

We also recognise that in this position you have  significant money worries and will be concerned about how you can afford our help.  Virtually all our Business Turnaround activity are carried out on a part time basis and can start from as little as 2 days per month so affordability should be less of an issue

At Business Turnaround Experts we have developed a simple but effective process to identify the symptoms, from which we can diagnose the underlying problems and so map out an appropriate solution.

We have assisted a wide variety of businesses manager a successful turnaround, these include: Retailers, E-tailers, Construction, Machinery Manufacturers, Engineering, IT Businesses, Restaurants, Travel Agents, Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Business Services and many others.

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 “Quite simply without  Business Turnaround Experts help and assistance, we wouldn't still be in business.       

We were close to going under they quickly implemented a restructuring plan and negotiated with our creditors to allow us time to get back on our feet”


Paul Archer MD


 “ By our calculation we were less than four weeks from running out of cash, with no prospect of support from our bankers things looked bleak. At very short notice Business Turnaround Experts quickly established a recovery plan to extend and manage our cash and renegotiate with our creditors. At the same time they implemented  some innovative measures to increase profits and helped us improve the performance of our business. We now look forward to the future with confidence.”


Gary Baker MD

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